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Are you looking for a rewarding career opportunity
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  Positions requiring 27 1 / 2 hours and up are eligible for:
  • Full health benefits package 
  • Flexible spending
  • Life insurance
  • Retirement plan
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Paid time off
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Job Opportunities – February 7, 2016
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 Hand 30 Pixels These positions require criminal background check as per NYS law.
 Car 42 Pixels    These positions require a valid NYS driver’s license and the individual must maintain a driving record which meets the insurance criteria of the Agency’s automobile insurance carrier.
 All positions must have a favorable result from federal/state exclusions background check.
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1107   Hand 30 Pixels Car 42 Pixels  Chief Quality and Compliance Officer 

We have a full time, benefits eligible position available for an integral member of our Executive team as the Chief Quality and Compliance Officer (CQCO). The CQCO is responsible for leading the development and implementation of the agency’s quality and compliance program as well as monitoring its effectiveness. This member of the Executive Staff has direct lines of communication with the Board of Directors

Requirements:  Master’s degree in Human Services, Clinical discipline, or related field highly preferred. Bachelor’s degree in a related field required. Prior experience in management, quality assurance, and compliance. Demonstrated strong leadership skills leading interdisciplinary teams.

Location & Hours: UC/Kingston – Mon-Fri 8a-4p


1116   Hand 30 Pixels Car 42 Pixels  Food Service Supervisor- Grade 5 NE

We have a full time, benefits eligible position responsible for preparation of food and assisting with the training and supervision of trainees in the Food Service Program. This position prepares food required for catering, service areas, and the Meals on Wheels program as well as assisting the Manager in menu planning, food ordering, and inventory control. This positions trains and supervises trainees in food preparation, cooking, and food service. 

Requirements:  HSD or equivalent and one year experience in commercial food services required. First Aid and CPR certified. Must be able to lift up to 60 lbs.

Location & Hours: UC/Kingston – Mon-Fri 6:30a-2:30p

1106   Hand 30 Pixels Car 42 Pixels  Day Habilitation Specialist- Grade 5 NE

We have a full time, benefits eligible position responsible for the direct provision of community and site based Day Habilitation services to individuals with developmental disabilities. Under the guidance and direction of the Manager of Day Habilitation Services, this position will develop, plan, and implement daily activities that support person-centered goals which help to foster community access, independent living skills through activities such as volunteerism and planned daily activities. 

Requirements:  Associate’s degree in human services plus 1 year experience working with individuals with developmental disabilities or HSD plus 2 years of experience. First aid, CPR, and Med certified required.

Location & Hours: UC/Kingston – Mon-Fri 8a-4p

1111/1112     Assembly WorkerGrade 2 NE

        Part time non benefit eligible positions responsible for performing all assembly work as assigned.

        Requirements: HSD or equivalent preferred.  Ability to lift up to 30 pounds.

        Location & Hours: UC/New Paltz Flexible hours

1102     Janitor  – 2 NE Federal Prevailing Wage

Part time not benefit eligible position responsible for custodial/cleaning assignments at Gateway Community Industries and off-site commercial and private locations. 

Requirements: HSD preferred. Ability to work with heavy duty cleaning equipment including - ladders, shampooers, buffers, etc.  Able to lift a minimum of 50 pounds. 

Location & Hours UC/Kingston – Mon-Fri 7a-11a.

1094   Car 42 Pixels   Site Coordinator (Temporary)- Grade 5 NE

Temporary part time position responsible for coordinating and implementing the Home Delivered Meals services offered at Friendship Sites in Ulster County.

Requirements: Associate’s degree and two years related experience; or high school diploma and three years related experience.

Location & Hours: UC/Kingston. Mon-Fri 9a-1p (PT; not benefits eligible)

1104   Hand 30 Pixels Car 42 Pixels  Employment Specialist – Grade 7 NE

Full time position responsible for facilitating employment readiness training programs, providing job search counseling, developing work experience sites and employment opportunities for individuals transitioning from welfare to work and implementing internship services for students preparing to transition from school to work.

Requirements:  Associates Degree and 1 year related experience or HSD and 2 years related experience. Must have a valid NYS Driver’s License and maintain a driving record which meets the insurable criteria of the Agency’s automobile insurance carrier.

Location & Hours: UC/Kingston – Mon-Fri 8a-4p.

1115    Car 42 Pixels  PROS Facilitator II– Grade 8 NE

Full time, benefits eligible, position available in our PROS C.R.E.A.T.E. program. This position is responsible for providing individuals with severe and persistent mental health conditions a full range of comprehensive, recovery-oriented services with the purpose of assisting them in overcoming barriers caused by their mental health conditions that are preventing them from achieving their chosen goals.

Requirements:  Bachelor’s degree plus one year experience in mental health field OR Associate’s degree plus two years’ experience in mental health

Location & Hours: UC/Kingston – Mon-Fri 8a-4p.

1097   Hand 30 Pixels Car 42 Pixels   Residential Specialist - Grade 6 NE

Full time, benefits eligible position responsible for facilitating the growth and development of the skills necessary for independent living through training and assistance in the core services area mandated by OMH, OPWDD, HUD and Medicaid in accordance with the resident’s treatment Plans and Gateway’s goals.  Provide intensive case management and counseling regarding specialized diagnoses related to MICA and family issues.

Requirements: CASAC or AA/AS + 1 year experience in community based substance abuse programs. Experience w/families and women's programs desirable.Must attend staff meetings.

Location & Hours: DC/Poughkeepsie/DCSH. Sun 9a-5p/Mon-Thurs 10a-6p (FT)

 1113/1114    Hand 30 Pixels Car 42 Pixels  Residential Manager- Grade 11 E

Full time position responsible to manage the day to day operations of the regional program, including the responsibility for staff supervision and the safe and therapeutic care of the residents in accordance with Gateway’s goals, certifying regulations. Assure effective delivery of facilitative services. Function as a QMHP (OMH) /QIDP (OPWDD). As required by funders will also follow all appropriate regulations as required by OMH/OPWDD/HUD.

Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in a Human Service field plus 1 year experience in residential; 2 years experience preferred. Medication Certified per Agency policy. Working experience must include at least one year
supervisory experience

Location & Hours: UC/Kingston Mon-Fri 8a-4p (FT); UC/DC Kingston/Poughkeepsie Tues-Sat 8a-4p (FT)


 1105    Hand 30 Pixels Car 42 Pixels  Director of Residential Services- Grade 13 E

Full time, benefits eligible position. This position is part of the Director of Residential Services team to work collaboratively to oversee Certified and Uncertified programs. This position is responsible for continued management, development and performance improvement of GCI Inc.’s Residential Programs.  The Director of Residential Services ensures that quality services are implemented in accordance with Gateway’s policies & procedures, OMH, OPWDD, Medicaid, HUD, and other certifying bodies which govern the programs.  The Director of Residential Services provides/assists in the development and implementation of new residential programs and functions as a Qualified Mental Health Professional/Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professional (QMHP/QIDP) as needed. The Directors of Residential Services provide back up support to the VP for Residential, Vocational, & Therapeutic Services as needed.

Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services or related field, Master’s Degree preferred, with 4 years of related experience including 2 years of supervisory experience.

Location & Hours: UC/Kingston Mon-Fri 8a-4p (FT)

Hand 30 Pixels Car 42 Pixels Residential Counselor – Grade 5 NE

Full time, part time and per diems positions responsible to facilitate the growth and development of the skills necessary for independent living through training and assistance in the core services areas mandated by OMH/OPWDD and Medicaid, in accordance with the resident’s Treatment Plans and Gateway’s goals.

Requirements: HSD or equivalent plus 1 year related experience required. Must attend staff meetings.

Location & Hours


1083 – Sat 12p-10p/Sun 12ap-11p/Mon & Tue 4p-10p/Thurs 3p-10p (FT)

1014 – Sat 10p-12a/Sun 12a-9a/Mon 10p-12a/Tue 12a-7a&10p-12a/
                Wed 12a- 7a&10p-12a/
Thurs 12a-9a (FT)

1110 –  Sun 8a-5p/Mon & Tues 1p-9p/Wed 1p-8p/Thurs 1p-9p (FT)



1060  Fri – Sun 11p-9a (PT w/Benefits)

1040  Sun – Thurs 3p-11p (FT)

1004  Sat 5p-11p /Thurs & Fri 3p-10p (PTnB)

  971 Thurs – Mon 12p-8p (FT)

1108  Tues-Sat 3p-11p (FT)

UC/New Paltz/GM

1008 – Sat 8a-4p/Sun 3p-11p/Mon 49-12a/Tue 11a-7p/Fri 8a-4p (FT)

DC/Beacon/CR   1096 – Sat-Sun 12p-9p/ Mon-Tues 4p-11:30p/Fri 3:30p-10:30p

1098 – Sat 8a-4p/Tues 8a-4p/Wed-Fri 10a-6p (FT)

1093 – Sat 10a-6p/Tues 8a-4p/Wed-Fri 10a-6p (FT)




Per Diem Positions – On Call – As Needed  – Flexible Schedule/No Benefits

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Residential Counselor Residential CounselorFacilitate the growth and development of the skills necessary for independent living through training and assistance in the core services areas. HSD or equivalent required.

Hand 30 Pixels Car 42 Pixels Van Driver  Operating agency vans to transport trainees safely according to program needs & daily schedules. CDL required.

  Janitor  Custodial and cleaning assignments at Gateway Community Industries and off-site commercial and private locations.


Gateway Community Industries is an
Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer
M/F/WD/Protected Veterans